Top 20 of 2013, Part 1

I am a week or so late, but I’ve decided to make another contribution to the endless “Top XX of 2013” lists that have been everywhere of late. I figured I’d post a set of my favorite images that I took last year. I debated on how to present this list; the nature of such a list means that the focus will be on single images. However, having them presented as a set means they won’t necessarily flow well, since they weren’t intended as a set. So I’m presenting a set that doesn’t fit together as a set, which makes it seem a bit disjointed. But try to think of them as individual images.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I will post the second part in the near future. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some images, but this is what is my top 20 as of today (it can change over time). I also wanted to avoid posting a set of images that only included my family and friends.

This first set isn’t in any particular order, but this is the first half of the top 20.

Wyoming, June 2013

London, January 2013

NYC, March 2013

Mount Rushmore, June 2013

London, January 2013

Annapolis, April 2013

Montana, June 2013

Delaware, March 2013

NYC, April 2013

Saint Paul, October 2013


Screen Shot

London – January, 2013

Standing in the cold at Craven Cottage in January, taking a photograph of a guy taking a photograph of the match we’ve both paid to attend. Since I don’t have a lot of meaningful images that are new, I have to dig through the archives to find things to blog.

I haven’t had time to shoot lately, and I hate it. Commute, work, gym, commute again, eat, sleep, and repeat. Day after day. The grind can start to wear you down.

Life has taken away my time to make images, and soon it will be winter. With winter comes darkness. I’m dreading the onset of winter for this very reason; with even less light than we have now, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities to make photographs. Times like this make me want to take a trip. Traveling not only lets me discover new things, but allows me to have time to devote to making photographs that I don’t always have in real life. Time that I can’t seem to find right now.

My sentences are fragmented, like my thoughts. No time to shoot, to time to think. Only time to make it to tomorrow. Seems like I’m treading water, and can’t always see land.