San Antonio

Big Hops

I recently spent a weekend visiting a friend in San Antonio, Texas. It was a short trip, designed primarily to catch up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in almost two years; it was scheduled around a soccer game.

I am a season ticket holder for the local soccer team, Minnesota United FC, and my friend is a fan of his local side, the San Antonio Scorpions. We attended the game, and I was excited as it was my first away game I’d ever been to. On both my initial and my return flight, the team was on my plane. It was pretty exciting to get to meet the players, chat with them as we flew, and take some pictures. It really made me feel like a part of the trip.

The game was a success–MN United FC won the game–and the trip as a whole was a blast. I am excited to go back again! Having lived in San Antonio for a few years myself, seeing places I hadn’t seen in almost a decade was interesting; some things have changed, much has not.



It was also the first time I had a chance to use the brand new Fuji X100T that I upgraded to from the X100S, and I enjoyed using it by and large. It’s not a huge step up from the older models (both of which I’ve owned–I’m a big fan of the X100 series). It handles largely like the older models do, and unless you’ve used the others extensively, you would not immediately notice the changes.


Smoke Break

Don’t Stop

Toyota Field




Houston, TX

Houston Skyline

A few weeks ago, I headed down to Houston for a work event.

Along the way, I took some photos. Since the trip was only a long weekend, and I was meeting a friend who wanted to fondle some of my Micro 4/3 gear, I decided to bring along the OMD and the (now sold) GX1, along with a few lenses. Traveling like this is where M4/3 really shines–the size of the both bodies and lenses means you can pack it all in a very compact kit.

I thought I’d post a few shots from the few days I spent in Houston.


No Parking

Music Note